Are you a qsl manager or a station with a qslmanager? Please email your information to be included on the listings. We are also wanting information about online log searches for dx stations.  
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Buzz Loeschman, NI5DX

If you are a DX station that would like the assistance of a QSL manager, please send me an email ( and I will be happy to tell you all about my FREE QSL service.

When QSLing direct to Buzz for one of the DX stations he manages: Please include a self addressed stamped envelope ($.42 if QSLing from the US) or a self addressed envelope with something for return postage (if QSLing from overseas).

The cost of postage has risen again (MAY 12, 2008) and overseas mail now costs $.94 US. Please keep this in mind when sending for a QSL card from outside the United States. A Minimum of $1 US or 1 IRC is required to receive a direct reply.

Buzz has logs for many stations that he managed that have gone QRT, but I can still confirm contacts with most of them.

Statons Managed: A41KJ, A45WG, A45WG/P, P29ZAD, P29SS, P29BW, AL7DB, KL7OU, KL5E, TF8SM, FR1AN, FG/FR1AN, Z21BC, S51ZZ, S52X, YB1GJS, YI9WV, YI9JK, 9K2KO, 9K2AI, A92GQ, 9K9A .


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